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Love Lifted Me Graphics was created on July 21, 2004, and God has poured out his
blessings on this special group of Christian friends, who share their love for Jesus
and one another as well as their creativity with all who come our way. Just in the
last month, the Lord has blessed us with two very special PSP instructors, Vonnie
and Connie, and we are sharing with you some of the creations made for the Easter
season...may you be very blessed!! Feel free to download these graphics, created with
love for our Saviour...God bless you all, and have a wonderful day!

Part of the beauty and wonder of the Easter season is that
the Lord had every little detail of His Son's Resurrection
planned from the beginning of time. It is our prayer that
God himself will pour out his anointing spirit on you and
everyone you love, and that you will be renewed by the joy of
Springtime and feel the presence of the Holy Spirit in your
heart today! To God be the glory!!

There's a man named Jesus, who died on the cross,
He suffered and he bled so my soul wouldn't be lost,
I want to thank my Master because he loved me so,
and when I die and leave this world,
up to Heaven, I go.

Thank you Lord for dying for me,
through all of this, I am free,
I'm on my way to Heaven,
I just press on each day,
for the face of my Jesus
I'm going to see.

He is true and He is kind,
and in him you will find,
The love of joy down deep in your heart.
Stand true to the end, and never depart,
til you reach the golden shore,
where you suffer no more.

I love you Jesus, you are my very best friend,
who I can go to, when everyone else has failed.

Patricia Crocker

He was crucified and buried,
But today the whole world knows
The Resurrection story
Of how Jesus Christ arose.
Some may question it and doubt it,
But they can't explain or say
Why, after countless centuries,
Men still follow Christ today.

And they miss the peace and comfort
That the Easter story brings,
The promise of eternal life
And the hope for better things.

For just to know the Savior died
To redeem and save all men,
And that because He gave His life,
We, too, shall live again,
Makes all this world's uncertainties,
Its burdens, care, and strife
Seem meaningless when they're compared
To God's eternal life.

And Easter, as it comes each year
To awake the sleeping earth,
Assures mankind that Jesus Christ
Has promised us rebirth.

~ Helen Steiner Rice ~

Love Lifted Me Graphics is a group of Christian friends totally devoted to sharing
God's love through the sharing of hearts, prayers, and beautiful graphics to glorify
our Lord and Saviour.

We would love for you to join us!! Come and join in the daily blessings and help us
in our outreach to win lost souls to Christ and make Jesus "SHINE" around the
internet!! Email us today!!

Have a glorious Easter...
God Bless You and Everyone You Love,

Lacy (
Pat (
Patty (

SPECIAL NOTE: We are now offering beginning PSP classes as well as intermediate/advanced/animation
to the members of our graphics group...learn to create beautiful graphics/animations
using all the colors of God's rainbow...JOIN LOVE LIFTED ME GRAPHICS TODAY!


The beautiful song you are listening to is
"BECAUSE HE LIVES" written by Bill Gaither and
recorded by Maranatha.

Please take a moment to view and sign our guestbook...
Just knowing you were here means so much to us!!!

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