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Blessed Saviour, Father of mine,
You are my Valentine.
Your love for me is measureless.
Your Spirit is divine.

Within your arms I'm safe and warm
No harm can come my way.
The beauty of your loving touch
Is all I need each day.

I seek your face each morning
To help me through the day
You are my strength when I am weak
You answer when I pray.

You fill my heart with laughter.
My voice will sing Your praise.
Dear Father, I will love you
Forever and always. (Pat)

Why do I love Jesus? Above is one of six special reasons why I love Jesus.
He has blessed me with three wonderful children and six grandchildren. Without
Jesus in my life, it would be nothing. He has blessed me with so much. As
unfortunate as sometimes I think I am, He always finds a reason to prove me
wrong. He is my sunshine--my only sunshine! It makes me happy knowing He is
always there. (Mari)

Been giving a lot of thought to God's blessings I have received,
So I thought I would write them all down, and print them out,
then choose the best one for your Valentine For Jesus page;
However, as I got to printing them, I found that my 500 sheets
of paper (front and back) wouldn't hold my list, So I really don't
know what to say, there are so many good things and good people
on my list, I guess it's best to say, "Everyday I wake up I find God
has found another way to bless me."

May God bless and keep you...
Life's journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well-preserved
body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out and used up,
shouting "Thank you Lord...What a ride!" (Hillbilly Johnnie)

Why do I love Jesus? Gee, there are so many reasons but a short story.
HE has proven over and over to be my best friend, my constant companion,
my helper, my Savior in more ways than one. Never asking anything in return
except what I give naturally which is Love of HIM and Faith in HIM.
HE has never deserted me, or left me in times of need, but drew closer
to me and held me close. I feel HIS love every moment of every day.
Praise GOD!

I love Jesus because He first loved me.
I love Him because He is my Savior.
He came to save me from my sins.
I know He will NEVER forsake me
I love Him because He is my Friend.
He came to show me a LOVE that will NEVER END.
That is why I love Jesus!!! (Angel)

Dear Jesus,
Valentine's Day you know is a very special day here on earth. We are all busy
making dinner reservations, buying flowers, and buying candy for the very special
person in our lives. I am sorry to say that most of us almost never think of
Valentine's Day as a day we should spend special time with you. I am sorry
to say that I have been one of those people.

I know it is not a day mentioned in our Bible and Santa isn't mentioned either.
But we do connect Christmas with you and all that you have done for us. So this
year our Christian LLMG group will be thinking of you on this wonderful day and
spending more time with you on that day. We will be thanking you for giving
your life that we might all be with you one day in Heaven. Our choice. How
wonderful you gave your life that ours might be saved. You have said you would
never leave us or forsake us. Thank you. We forget sometimes when we get an
unexpected check in the mail and are down to our last dime that you sent the
check. We pray every time we have trouble, but sometimes forget to thank you
when the problem is solved. I would like to take the time today just to say
Happy Valentine's Day to You, my best friend who loves me unconditionally. Thank
you for the life you have given me so full of wonderful friends, family,
and most of all, the love you have given me even when I would forget to spend
that extra time with you in praise and worship.
Happy Valentine's Day Jesus...I love you! (Marylynn)

Hmmm. Why I love Jesus. 23 years ago, when my wife and daughter were killed by a
drunk driver, and one year later when my Dad died, and then when my two best
friends died, I lost it big time and went suicidal. Christ stepped in on each
of my 20 suicide attempts, and told me, "No! There is a purpose for you here."
And here I am today, more sure than ever that He IS! (Bruce)

Because Jesus is my best Valentine, and my very best friend! (Chris)

Without Jesus... I would be NOTHING! HE has helped me in sooo many ways and sooo many
times in my life (and in Rachel's) that I can NEVER deny that I would not be here
if it were not for HIM! HE has taught me that each trial in this life...Each TEST
is not to bring me down, BUT to bring me CLOSER TO HIM!!! I have learned to take
each TEST and make it a TESTimomy to HIM!!! How can I NOT love HIM? He went
thru the ULTIMATE TEST for ME, and paid the ULTIMATE PRICE....
That is why I love JESUS! (Susan)

I love Jesus because He first loved me and died on the cross so that all my sins would
be forgiven. He has helped me in so many ways that it is too many to name. I just
want to give him all the Honor and Praise for being here. (Sheila)

I love Jesus because He first loved me. And even though I've been His since I was
five years old, I am still completely overwhelmed just to think that He loved me
enough to come to this earth and give His life for me that I might be able to someday
reign and rule with HIM! And in the meantime, I have the privilege of actually
having Jesus, the very Son of God, living and reigning within my heart! It is
so WONderful just knowing that no matter what may cross my pathway today, NOTHING can
happen that He and I can't handle together. My passion is that more and more people
will come to know Him as intimately as they will allow Him to show Himself to them,
and that my life will reflect my Precious Jesus to the extent that when they look at
me, they will be able to look past me and my shortcomings, and see only Him. He
must increase; I must decrease. Praise that precious name of Jesus!!
Yours forever in His matchless love, (Annetta)

As I sat down at my computer and began to write, I can think of many reasons why I love
Jesus. One reason that I love my Jesus is because He first loved me. As a matter of
fact, He came to this earth, born of a virgin, gave and laid down His sweet life by
dying on an old rugged cross and shed His precious s blood for my sins. Also, He was
buried in a borrowed tomb and on the third day He arose from the grave and is now in
heaven interceding for me. He sends the sweet and precious Holy Spirit to me as my
comforter and my teacher, and He has healed my body many times when I was sick and He
delivered me from medication that I was on and He is with me all the time. As a matter
of fact, Jesus is my best friend , and I know that one day Jesus is going to come back
again and take me home with Him, to live in a beautiful mansion that He
has prepared for me. (Dinah)

I love my Jesus for His unselfish love for me, and because I can come to Him at
anytime to ask for forgiveness and to know that once I have confessed, I know that
the sin is forgotten. Thank you for loving me, Dear Sweet Jesus! (Robin)

I love the Lord Jesus as from the time I was a young child, He has been there for
me and my family through good times and bad. Life has not been easy for me,
especially after losing my best friend, my Dad, in 1978. I have struggled through
many things no man or woman would ever want; but, thanks to the dear Lord I survived
to sing His praises for same. He inspires me daily to keep going, and I love him so!

December 1, 1999, I was run over by a vehicle as I was crossing the road. Thankfully,
as my body was being tortured in pain, the Good Lord wrapped me in a coccon of warmth for
14 of the most comforting days of my life and gave me peace from same. Since then,
whenever the pain gets to me, I try to recapture the warmth in prayer--I count my
blessings and I do try to be there as a good friend for all my family and friends.
To me, God is love--I know that Jesus loves me--as the Bible tells me so. All my life
Jesus has shown his love as I reached out to Him. (Marge)

I love Jesus and I am very thankful for Love Lifted Me Graphics and all of the love that
they have shown to me. I love Jesus even more because He has seen me through some
terrible times in my life, like I wouldn't be here right now if it wasn't for Jesus
hearing me call out his name on March 17, 1971 from a car wreck that took me over a
mountain and almost killed me. I saw death but God saw that it wasn't my time to go
yet that He had more for me to do. I love Jesus and if anybody doesn't know Him,
they don't know the peace and joy they are missing out on. (Martha)

I love Jesus because He knew all about me and loved me anyway. He cared enough to not
turn His back on me when I made a mistake, rather He sent people into my life to teach
me the right way to do the things that would allow those around me to see the change
in my life. He continues today to open and close doors I can't even see to guide me in
the direction that will fulfill His plan for my life. I guess the simple answer
would be straight from the Bible:
We love Him because He first loved us. 1 John 4:19 (Nancy)

We are nothing, but Jesus chose us and loved us even we were totally unlovable.
We can never outgive or outlove Him. Jesus has been with me through valleys, and
during these storms He has never left me. He has answered so many prayers, I
couldn't begin to count them.

But most important, He has confirmed for me eternal life with Him in Paradise...
oh, how I love Jesus! (Linda)

I love Jesus because He is always there at the times when I feel the most alone.
When I feel I cannot go another step, He does something absolutely awesome. (Helen)

I love Jesus as my Valentine because He first loved me. He shed one drop of blood
for me...When He was on the cross, I was on his mind...
I love Jesus First! (Nanny Sue)

I would just like to say that on "Valentine's Day" 1986, I gave my life and
heart to Jesus Christ my Saviour. It is now nearly 19 years since that
amazing day. It is the best love affair I have ever had. I thank God for Jesus. (Judith)

My life has been in constant turmoil...seems like everytime I turned around I was
getting kicked in the mouth. I thought that I had done something wrong and
Jesus was making me pay dearly. Now I am at a point in my life where I know if
it wasn't for Jesus, I would have been beyond help and would not have made it
in life if not for his love and undying support. If we did not have Jesus,
we would all be in serious trouble, lost at sea...always looking for the light
and never finding it. What a wonderful thing to have and know Him. (Jackie)

I love Jesus, because He loves me! He gave me a beautiful world to live in, with
so much beauty and things only a true Master could create. He fills my life with
joy, even when all things in my life are full of trial and tribulation, I know He
knows what is best for me and will answer my prayers in his time and it will be
better than anything I ever dreamed of.

He willingly suffered, cried, was scared, tortured, mocked, spat upon, and bled
and died for me...Just so that he could get me to heaven to spend eternity with Him
in his wonderful, blessed kingdom that will be more beautiful than any beauty I have
ever seen here on His earth. What other kind of love would do that? Especially
to one as undeserving as I. (Ellen)

I love Jesus because he has always been there for me and has helped me many times
to get out of bad situations and in times of trouble. (Deborah)

Jesus has done so very much for me, that it would take months to tell, but this
year it has been special. First of all I want to tell Jesus, thank you for dying
for me, so I can be free. I have had trouble and trials, but praise God, Jesus
has been with me through it all. Jesus is answering so many prayers, he has set
me from medication I have been taking since 2000. Praise to Jesus! Now for
the first time in years, I am a alert in mind, I am stronger in the Lord than
I have ever been.

I have learned people really care for me, not for what I can give them, but
what they can give, and that is all due to Jesus. Jesus I want to
say that I appreciate you for someway I do not know how, I got on LOVE LIFTED ME
GRAPHICS, but you had to have a hand in that.

I found that you somehow led me to it, because you know Jesus I can't do
graphics yet, but there is a member of the group, that said, I was going to
learn. When I do learn with the help of the one that is saying I am going to
learn, I will be fulfilled to send out my own work.

I am closer to you dear Jesus, than I have ever been. I love people now,
because I love myself, because I am made in the image of you. So dear Jesus,
I want to close by saying, I know you are my Valentine, and I know I
am one of yours.

You dear Jesus, are my all in all, and in you I trust, obey, and keep
your commandments. I live my life to you and I love you. Happy Valentine's to
my Saviour, Jesus! (Patricia)

I love God and He loves me. I know He lives inside of me and watches over me.
When I get lost or going the wrong way, He lovingly turns me around or picks me
up and puts me back where I should be. He has never let me down and I trust him
and give him my life and my children and family. I don't look at circumstances
but keep my eyes on Jesus and that keeps me from steering off the right path or
getting lost. I know though, if I do get lost or make a mistake, God is there
with his loving arms to hold me, guide me, and help me for always.

God says...
My Dear Child,
I love you in small ways
I love you in big ways
I love you this minute and
I will love you for always.

And I say "Thank you, Jesus, I love you too!" (Vonnie)

When we meditate on the rich love of Jesus, we are drawn to Him in a very
magnetic way . In these last days, there has never been a time since the
creation that we so desperately need to spend daily time with Jesus...praying
for one another, praying for our nation, praying for mankind...

I love Jesus...the one who left the splendor of heaven, knowing his destiny...
the lonely hill of Galgotha, to lay down His life for me (and you)...If that isn't love... (Lacy)


Father, why do my people only celebrate one day a year,
with hearts and flowers, to show their feelings for a loved one so near?

Why can't they love one another each day that goes by,
and show kindness daily, yet they don't even try.

Maybe Father, we could manage to rearrange
the dates on their calendar of time, we could change.

And announce world wide that we've thought of a special way
to express love and giving one to another in all they do or say.

Yes, we'll make each day a special time of the year,
where they must express love for someone they hold dear.

We shall call it a Calendar of Love for all,
no matter who they are, no matter how large or small.

Let us agree, they will celebrate each day with Love in some way,
and from this day forth, I declare "Everyday shall be a Valentine's Day."

Connie S. Burrow (

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